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Are you having technical difficulties with your PC or Mac? Can’t find a local, trustworthy service provider for computer repair services in St Kilda Vic?

Our experts have over 20 years of experience and are available today. We come out onsite to your home or business for same-day service.

Ask for an Intuitive Strategy technician when it comes to computer repairs and IT support. Our technicians are the best at fixing PCs, Macs, desktops, laptops, WiFi routers, printers, smartphone, and more.

Where there’s a computer emergency, your local technicians are on call to help.

Let us help you with malware removal, printer installation, internet speed improvement, Wi-Fi mesh network setup, new computer configuration, system reformat, or data recovery. We have the tools, skills and knowledge to get it done right the first time.

We get that computers are essential for your home and office, and you need fast service.

You can rely on our professional repairs for a timely and effective remedy for PC problems. Just look at our customer testimonials to see what everyone is saying about us.

We offer our services to residents and business owners for both Windows & Apple devices.

Call our knowledgeable tech support team for complimentary advice and to resolve your technical issues.

Local computer repair

Has your computer started to perform slower than you’d like?  We are St Kilda’s local computer repair technicians and we’re ready to speed things up.

Our technicians have what some customers refer to as lightning fingers, yes we are that fast! We make sure all our work is carried out in an efficient manner, leaving our customers satisfied.

We fix hardware and software issues on-site so you can get back to work and play. Catch us around Acland Street getting laptops & desktops back up and running!

We aim to fix everyone’s problems in the community and offer reliable computer services. St Kilda computers fixed the first time, every time – give us a call today on 1300-694-877!

Malware & Virus Removal 

Malware, viruses, malicious ransomware are the banes of our digital lives. These security vulnerabilities can render your computer totally inoperable and can destroy your valuable data.

Removing malware threats and viruses is key to staying ahead of the hackers. Our IT security experts have the skills, tools and experience to clean, heal and repair your computer at your home or office. 

Wireless Mesh Network Setup

Are you tired of Wi-Fi dropouts and dead spots in your home or at your business? Setting up a Mesh wireless network is the best way to resolve dead spots. Mesh networks work with your current NBN modem, improve Wi-Fi reliability and coverage. Some residents and business owners have become frustrated after connecting to the NBN to find their internet is slow. It’s not the internet speed that’s slow. The modem antenna signals are not adequate to reach every space in their house or premises. Our wireless mesh network specialists in Malvern can help improve your internet speed.

Printer & Scanner Setup

Have you just bought a new printer and scanner but it’s not scanning or it’s AirPrint function isn’t working? Call our computer experts for help connecting printers and scanners, so you can print documents from your laptop, desktop, Windows, macOS, iPhone, Android, tablet, iPad or even your Chromebook. We are experts at setting up HP, Canon, Brother, Epson, Kyocera, Konica Minolta devices. We work with businesses to network Photocopiers, wide-format printers, A3 printers and Laser multifunction centers.


Your laptop repaired in St Kilda

We can repair just about any Windows 10 laptop. Our specialist computer technicians can troubleshooting all major laptop brands. We can come out to you on-site for a computer repair in St Kilda. Want to get your laptop repaired in no time? We are your local laptop repairers in St Kilda.

Here are just some of the common fixed brands in 2021:

  • Acer Aspire laptop 
  • Asus ROG, VivoBook, TAICHI, ZENBOOK and Transformer notebook 
  • Toshiba Satellite, KIRAbook, and Tecra laptop 
  • IBM Lenovo Thinkpad notebook 
  • HP Pavilion, ProBook, and ENVY laptop 
  • Acer Aspire laptop repairs Brighton
  • Dell Inspiron, XPS and Alienware notebook repairs Brighton
  • We can also repair Apple Macbook’s in Brighton

Common causes of laptop repairs are due to Windows system failure or HDD problems in St Kilda. We can repair, replace or upgrade your HDD with an SSD to make faster and more efficient!

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Let’s see who we’ve helped. We’re helping locals daily to get their computer problems fixed in St Kilda Vic. Ask us about technical support, wireless networking, data recovery, and Mesh setup.

Search for computer repairs near me, and you will find Intuitive Strategy. We help locals get their computer problems resolved after a virus or malware infection, power supply failure or Windows 10 crash. We have up-to-date tools, knowledge and expertise to repair your computer in St Kilda Vic.

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