Personal & Family Cyber Safety

At Intuitive Strategy, we take personal & family cyber safety just as seriously as cyber security for small business. We help families in Melbourne and all over Australia to strengthen their internet security. Protecting them from viruses and malware and filtering their internet traffic from malicious phishing websites.

We assist families to filter out adult content and unwanted websites, directly on their routers. Protecting their children from exposure to harmful websites and exploitation. We take care to ensure every family has the best cyber safety plan in place for parents, with 2FA on all accounts and parental controls for their technology.

Our cyber safety consultants have over 24 years of experience in securing computers, Wi-Fi networks, Microsoft 365 emails and removing malware & viruses from both Mac & PC.


Personal Family Cyber safety for children

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Filter Out Malicious Sites & Adult Content For Free

FREE Internet Filter For Your Entire Family

Parental control software was all the rage in the 90s. Today, there is a more effective way to filter out malicious sites & adult content on your home network, and it’s free. Our cyber safety experts can help protect you and your family by re-configuring your home router, thanks to Cloud Flare

It doesn’t take very long to implement a free content filter on your network and can be completed on-site at your home today.

While our consultants are on-site at your home, they can help secure your cloud accounts with 2FA and ensure you have back-codes for fast recovery.

Our trustworthy and experienced IT support technicians in Melbourne are ready to protect your household today, so why not give us a call. We, too, are parents and understand that cyber safety is a must.

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We're an ACSC Partner

We’re Cyber Security Consultants

We’re excited to announce that we have become an Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) Partner. In addition to delivering best practices in IT security for businesses, we can now better inform our customers with respect to cyber safety.

Being an ACSC partner enables us to advise your business on the latest threats and implement essential security measures.

We are also becoming ISO27001 Lead Auditors in Cyber Security. So we can provide organisations working with the government with professional cybersecurity audits to ensure tender success.

Intuitive Strategy becomes an ACSC Partner
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