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Intuitive Strategy delivers fast and professional PC repair in Melbourne. We upgrade computers and services to most leading brands of PCs, including HP, Lenovo, Dell, Asus, Acer, ASUS, Intel and MSI. We even repair custom built PCs purchased from a computer shop.

Working on a slow-performing computer can be extremely frustrating, not to mention the effect it can have on your productivity.

Wasting time trying to resolve start-up problems, searching online for a solution or trying to do a computer repair yourself can take hours. We have local technicians throughout Melbourne that can do the heavy lifting for you and save you time.

Slow-Performing PCs Are Incredibly Annoying

Common problems that many of our customers have experienced include:

  • PC boot-up is very slow
  • PC won’t turn on
  • Windows automatically restarts
  • Blue screen error messages (BSOD – Blue Screen of Death)
  • Programs are slow to open
  • Hard drive faults and bad sectors
  • Windows error messages
  • Internet and NBN problems
  • Outlook email errors
  • Your desktop PC has been infected with malware or virus
  • Random computer freezing or crashes
  • Windows software update failed
  • No signal on the computer screen
  • Can’t hear any sound
  • Webcam isn’t working
  • Your password needs to be reset or you have forgotten your password
  • Wi-Fi dropouts and No internet access
  • Computer is running out of memory

If you are experiencing any of the above you probably need to book your PC in for a repair.

What Causes PCs to Break Down?

There are countless reasons why PCs break down or may underperform, including:

  • Outdated drivers and software
  • Faulty RAM, hard drive, SSD or motherboard
  • Overheating due to dust build-up, damaging the internal circuitry of your PC
  • Power surges, which cause capacitors to blow
  • Ineffective computer maintenance plans
  • Encryption virus infections
  • Outdated version of Windows, opening up 0-day exploits
  • Age (PCs over 5 years old which have degraded hardware)
  • Unlicensed software

Fortunately, we can repair all of these issues, restoring your PC back to a working state.

Why Ask a Professional for PC Repair?

PC repair near MelbourneWould you attempt to fix your dishwasher or electrical wiring at home yourself? Not likely, unless you are an electrician or a white goods appliance mechanic. You’d need specific skills and knowledge; otherwise, you would be risking further damage.

The same principle applies to your computer. Trying PC repairs yourself can lead to unexpected results, such as deleted photos, documents, files, emails, or a completely erased computer that doesn’t start or work at all.

To sum up, hiring a professional to repair your PC will ensure all computer repairs are carried out safely, efficiently and done right.

PC Repairs: Upgrading Your Computer & Software

To add to our suite of PC repairs, we also complete computer software and hardware upgrades. Most of the time, this is the best way to increase the longevity of your computer and improve overall performance.

Here is a summary of updates we can assist with at your home or office:

  • SSD upgrades and replacement, when your HDD is showing signs of age with bad sector warnings, or you need a little more space
  • RAM upgrade for when you need to run more apps
  • Recent Microsoft Windows feature & security updates or OS upgrades
  • Microsoft 365 setup, tenant migration, software installation and configuration
  • New computer installs at home or the office (same-day onsite service in Melbourne)
  • Data migration between computers (for new computer setups)
  • PSU replacement (for when your computer just wont turn on)
  • Additional storage drives (when you run out of space)
  • Video card installations (if your computer game just isn’t running fast enough)
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What PC Brands Can be Repaired?

Most major PCs can be repaired when you have the right tools, skills and knowhow including:

PC brands repaired Models
Dell PC repair Inspiron, XPS
HP All-in-one PC repair Pavillion, ProOne
Lenovo PC repair ThinkCentre, Tiny-In-One
Intel NUC repair i5 i7
All-in-one PC repairModels
Dell Business Desktop repairOptiplex
ASUS RepairM3400
MSI PC repairPro AP272 27FHD
Acer All-in-one PC repairAspire

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