IT Security & Business Continuity Planning

Having a solid IT security plan will ensure your business continuity is never at risk. Planning and sticking to a reliable IT security & maintenance strategy is essential for any size business. In IT, vulnerabilities are at every level, hardware, software, human error, fire and theft. Being in control of your technology and following a comprehensive IT security plan will ensure your business continues to operate in the event of a disaster.
IT Security Business Continuity Planning

Why is IT security and business continuity important?

To ensure business IT security, data protection & business continuity in Melbourne, you need to have the right software technology & IT maintenance best practices in place. IT security doesn’t have to be complicated; it just needs to work, and we have the right IT support solution.

We all rely on our computers, smart devices and peripheral technology, so we must keep all our hardware, software and data protected from security vulnerabilities. Every business must have an IT disaster recovery and security maintenance plan. 

You must protect your data and ensure business continuity in a catastrophe or IT security breach. Getting the right IT security advice is critical when operating a Melbourne business; for expert computer repairs, Mac repair service & IT support in Melbourne, speak to Intuitive Strategy.

Ask our computer repair specialists to resolve your business computer problems in Elwood, St Kilda, Mentone, Brighton, Hampton, Caulfield or Cheltenham.

  • How to secure your business computer workstations
  • How to protect your valuable company data with Synology NAS
  • Why you should use cloud storage service to backup your data
  • Why it’s essential to maintain your network hardware
  • When to use image backups for fast restoration and recovery
  • Why you need to run a private VPN for your business
  • What is an IT security maintenance plan
  • When to do computer hardware maintenance
  • Why use IMAP or Exchange mailboxes instead of POP accounts
  • How to protect your IT hardware from electrical failures

How to secure your businesses computer workstations?

The best way to ensure your businesses workstations from end-user vulnerabilities is to install anti-virus software and enforce passwords. Computer viruses and malware can easily infect your network via files, websites, email attachments, or the programs you install on end-user computers. 

They can slow down your network, disrupt your business practices, and even steal confidential information. Using anti-virus software is the most common way to protect against computer viruses, preventing further damage and data loss. 

The best way to secure your computer workstations from end-user vulnerabilities is to install anti-virus software and enforce passwords. Enforcing end-user protection alleviates unnecessary computer repair technicians visits to your office and reduce business operating costs.

How to protect your valuable company data with Synology NAS?

The best way to protect your critical company data is with Synology NAS hardware. Intuitive Strategy’s customers all rely on and defend their valuable company data with RAID and Synology NAS. 

Storing data on your NAS not only protects it from local data encryption malware but also means the data is accessible remotely. Intuitive Strategy is always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to help our business clients. 

Recently, we’ve been looking at a wide range of ways to protect and extend valuable company data availability. We took a good look at cloud services, traditional data recovery and backup solutions. Still, we all agreed that the most effective way to protect and extend my clients’ data availability was via RAID technology using NAS hardware.

Why should you use a cloud storage service to backup your data?

You should use cloud storage services to backup your data at all times. When it comes to fire or theft, the best security method is to deploy cloud storage services to back your data; using Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive. Cloud storage services provide you with the best way to back up your files.

You can access them from any location, accidentally delete or change a file on your device without worrying about losing an older version. You can even share folders privately with co-workers, external collaborators and clients if you need to.

Why it’s essential to maintain your network hardware?

It’s vital to update your network hardware, so it’s less susceptible to hackers & security vulnerabilities. It’s just as important as regular computer maintenance. Your modem, network router, WiFi extenders & mesh devices all need their firmware updated. 

When to use image backups for fast restoration and recovery?

Your business should use image backups regularly, such as daily, weekly or monthly, for immediate OS restoration. When disaster strikes, you will be glad you configured operating system image backups for ease of repair and data loss mitigation. 

Having a system image of your Windows 10 environment or Time Machine for macOS is crucial. It means you will not have to re-install all your applications and risk losing your most valuable company data. Choosing the frequency of image backups depends on the amount of data you expect to change over time.

Why do you need to run a private VPN for your business?

The most important reason for running a private VPN for your business is data security. Like everyone, you are not only working at the office; you work from your home, at a cafe or a clients location. Accessing your company data securely & efficiently is key to business continuity.

A VPN will not only give you access to your data when offsite, but it will also provide you with control over what your staff have access to when they are out of the office. Synology VPN Server, utilising OpenVPN, gives you flexibility and granular permission level control over your files and folders.

What is an IT security maintenance plan?

An IT security maintenance plan is there to protect your workstations against malicious attacks and hardware failures. Every business needs to have an IT security maintenance plan. A maintenance plan reduces the risk of hardware & software vulnerabilities, protecting all your connected devices. 

The days of a FREE anti-virus package on your computer are over. Today It’s critical to have a full-featured security suite for each workstation. You should also keep your OS software up-to-date, including feature, drive and quality updates. 

Check & perform firmware updates on all your hardware devices to avoid security breaches. Firmware updates help your hardware work optimally and reduce the number of software bugs that could cause crashes or corruption.

An IT maintenance plan isn’t something you do once; it needs to happen regularly. Performing monthly or quarterly security maintenance is the best practice; it keeps hackers, viruses and malware away.

When to do computer hardware maintenance?

Now that you’ve got your IT security plan underway, it’s time to add computer hardware maintenance to the list. Computer hardware maintenance should be a regular part of your IT plan, keeping your PC clean, having it run cooler and quieter. 

To prevent unwanted downtime due to overheating issues, you should ensure your computer hardware maintenance is a regularly scheduled part of your IT operations. Cooling fans inside your server are an essential component for keeping it running smoothly, and if cleaned, it will last much longer.

Why use IMAP or Exchange mailboxes instead of POP accounts?

As a business, you need to work efficiently and effectively all the time, and the most efficient email infrastructure setup is to use IMAP or Exchange mailboxes. Both Exchange & IMAP services store and synchronise your data to a cloud server, meaning that your Inbox and Sent items are the same across all devices. 

The other benefit of using these technologies is that you avoid the risk of Ransomware data encryption, which can happen to PST files on Windows 10 running POP accounts in Outlook 365.

How to protect your computer hardware from electrical failures?

In addition to hardware maintenance, you should protect your IT hardware from electrical losses with UPS battery backup. Why should I use a UPS Battery Backup? Electrical power issues can arise at any time. Blackouts, brown-outs, and surges can leave your computer and other sensitive equipment exposed to damage. 

By replacing your standard power outlet with an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) battery backup, you’ll be able to protect your IT equipment from electrical problems that might occur in the future.

Does your business need an IT business continuity plan?

Every business needs an IT business continuity plan for data protection continued operation in an IT disaster. Whether your business is running Windows 10 or macOS, you must ensure your workstations, data and hardware is protected. Request an IT security audit today from our professional & experienced IT support consultants in Melbourne

Allowing your business to continue in the event of an IT disaster is critical. Having your data and devices backed up is excellent, but you must be able to restore and continue working quickly. In the event of an IT disaster, your cloud data backups and system images will be most valuable.

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