How to Setup Synology VPN Server with OpenVPN

Today we have put together a guide on how to setup Synology VPN Server with OpenVPN. Follow the instructions below to get help with configuring and deploying Synology VPN Server using OpenVPN protocol. This guide is intended for small business IT support technicians and networking enthusiast who need a little help.
How to Setup Synology VPN Server with OpenVPN

Setting up the Synology VPN Server and initial OpenVPN configuration

Follow our 2021 guide for setting up your Synology VPN Server with OpenVPN protocol for better IT Security at your workplace, home or office. Having a secure VPN solution for every workplace is essential for protection against hackers, data corruption and computer repairs.

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For technicians who have used other VPN servers and are interested in a quick, visual guide for setting up a Synology VPN server, read on. Each step is simple, short, concise and has a supporting image, setting up a breeze.

  1. Access your Synology NAS DSM via web interface GUI
    How to access your Synology NAS DSM via web interface GUI
    Every IT support technician knows that the default URL for accessing your Synology NAS is http://diskstation:5000.
  2. Installing & Configuring OpenVPN via VPN Server for Synology DiskStation
    1. Open Package Center and search for VPN and download VPN Server (Utilities category)
      How to Installing Synology VPN Server from package center
  3. Click the Apps button in the top left of the DSM and Open VPN Server
    How to open the Synology DSM apps menu
  4. Select OpenVPN from the list on the left (2nd last option) and tick the ‘Enable OpenVPN server’ checkbox
    Configuring the Synology VPN Server
    We have chosen the OpenVPN protocol for configuring our Synology VPN Server. Avoid unnecessary computer repair in Melbourne with our private VPN solution; call us today for a hassle-free installation.
    Note 1: Tick Allow clients to access the server’s LAN so that the connected user can see all network devices on the NAS’s LAN.
    Note 2: Also, remember the Port number; in this case, we use the default 1194, which you will need in the next step to configure your router.
  5. Click the Export configuration button to download the configuration settings, and you will use these later when deploying the OpenVPN community client.
    Export and save your OpenVPN configuration on Synology VPN
    Make sure you save the configuration file somewhere memorable to access it later. You will need later to configure your Windows or Mac client software.
    Note: Remember to extract the data in this archive.
  6. Select Privilege from the menu to allocate permissions for users to have the ability to connect to the VPN. Tick the required users in the OpenVPN column and press SAVE.
    Synology VPN Server - how to configure privilege permissions
    It’s important to configure the privilege settings so that your staff, who need access, can easily connect to your new VPN. If you don’t know what to do, give us a call for quick support or computer repair services in Melbourne.
  7. Setup a Static IP for your Synology NAS in the DSM Control Panel by going to Network Interface. Edit the LAN interface and set it to use Manual configuration settings.

    Diskstation > Control Panel > Network Interface > Lan Settings

Configuring Your Router to Accept OpenVPN Connections

  1. Log in to your router, we used a TP-Link Archer VR1600v, via its IP, in our case, it’s
    How to log in to TP-Link Archer VR1600v via web
    If you haven’t configured a custom password for your TP-Link Archver VR4600v router the default username is admin the password is admin or password.


  2. For most routers, you will need to open the Advanced tab to access detailed configuration. Look for the Virtual Servers or Port Forwarding section to set up a custom service.
    On our router, we will navigate to Virtual Servers > Port Forwarding.
    IT Support: TP-Link VR1600v v2 Virtual Servers configuration
    1. Create or Add a new custom service or custom rule for your new connection.
      1. Enter the Service Type or Name, we went with SynOpenVPN
      2. Enter the External Port as 1194
      3. Enter the Internal IP as (which is your NAS’s IP, set above)
      4. Enter the Internal Port as 1194
      5. Select the same protocol as in the VPN Server which in our case is UDP
      6. And press Save
        IT Support Melbourne

How to Deploy Synology OpenVPN Client Software

Deploying OpenVPN Windows 10 Client Installation

  1. Go to Community Downloads on and download the latest Windows 64-BUT MSI INSTALLER package.
    Melbourne IT Support
  2. Run the OpeNVPN-2.5.0.I1601-adm64.msi to Setup OpenVPN client software. Follow all the prompts until it is finished.
  3. Open File Explorer and browse to ‘C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config‘, which is where you will copy the exported configuration data to. Copy the extracted data from the OpenVPN ZIP archive into the config folder.
    Computer repair for Windows 10
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  4. Right click on the VPNConfig.ovpn file and select Open With… and choose Notepad to edit the file.
    Repairing Windows 10 computer problems in Melbourne
    There are times when your File Explorer won’t open on Windows 10. We have a fix for that and most other common errors for Windows 10; reliable, trustworthily and experienced technicians in Melbourne.
  5. Change the YOUR_SERVER_IP to match your WAN IP (if it’s static) or set up a DynDNS name so that your IP is auto-updated.
    How to modify the VPNConfig.ovpn file using Notepad on Windows 10
    The simplest way to get this done is to open Notepad.exe via Start > Run. Then edit the 4th line by changing YOUR_SERVER_IP to the IP of your WAN IP or your dynamic DNS address.
  6. Connecting to Your Synology OpenVPN Server From Windows 10
    Connecting to your Synology OpenVPN Server from Windows 10
    Right-click on the OpenVPN icon in your taskbar choose the server name, OpenVPN is the default, and click connect. You will be prompted to enter your network credentials, previously configured on the Synology VPN Server. If something doesn’t work go through and check that the password setup on the Synology NAS is correct. You will find this in Control Panel > Users.

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