The new Apple iMac, M1 specs, new features, fresh colour!

Wow, the new Apple iMac looks amazing! The very best of the Apple M1 processor specs, new funky features and brilliant colours!
The new Apple iMac 24" in 2021

Let’s review the history of the iMac first. Apple’s co-founder and CEO introduced the first iMac, now late, Steve Jobs, on 06/05/1998. Since then, it has been growing to become a household name globally. The first iMac went on sale on 15/08/1998 and was the best seller for that Christmas.

Fast forward 23 years to 2021 and we meet the new Apple iMac 24″. The lates version of the iMac not only has the M1 process with a 24″ 4.5K retinal display. It can also take up to 16GB of unified memory, boasts a 1080p FaceTime HD camera with M1 ISP, up to 2TB of storage and the Magic Keyboard comes with Touch ID.

What specs do i get with the Apple iMac 24"?

The new Apple 24″ iMac specs vary based on what you are willing to spend, how much GPU power you need, and how many peripheral connections you are after. Their base model is $1,299 (256GB) and the higher versions are $1499 (256GB) & $1699 (512GB) respectively.

Let’s go with colours first. The 24″ Apple iMac is beautifully stunning, offering 7 colour choices; blue, green, pink, silver, yellow, orange, and purple. Each option, except for silver, has 2 tones; one for the front and one for the back of the device. That’s 6 2-tone variations and a 1-tone silver variation.

With the storage configuration, you have 2 options, 256GB or 512GB SSD; thank god there are no more fusion hybrid drives; they were painfully slow.

There is only one standard option with the Apple M1 chip; there is only 1 standard option – that’s the 8-core CPU with 4 performance cores and 4 efficiency cores.  There is also the 16-core Neural engine which accelerates machine learning and enables up to 15x faster performance.

If you want to get more graphics (GPU) power, you will need to go with the higher-priced models. The higher-priced models will give you an 8-core GPU versus the 7-core GPU on the cheaper model.

There is 8GB of unified memory on all the models, but it is configurable up to 17GB of unified memory. Chose your memory configuration during the purchase, as it will not be upgradable after it has been built.

Let’s look at the Audio specs of the new iMac 24″. It has a high-fidelity six-speaker audio system with force-cancelling woofers and wide stereo sound. It also has built-in support for spatial audio when playing video with Dolby Atmos. Let’s not forget about the studio-quality three-mic array, channelling high signal-to-noise ratio and boasting directional beamforming for clear voice.

Looking at the peripheral connections and expansion ports, there is a difference between the base and more expensive models. Both models come with Two Thunderbold / USB 4 ports, supporting DisplayPort, Thunderbolt 3 and USB 4. The more expensive models will have 2 additional USB 3 ports.

View more specs on the Apple website directly.

What features does the new 24" Apple iMac have?

The most eye-catching feature of the new iMac 24″ is without a doubt the colour. But there is a lot more to see and do with this new iMac.

The other uncommon feature is the personised accessories. The new iMac keyboard comes with a choice of 3 different design; the standard with Touch ID & one with a number pad plus Touch ID. You are also given a choice between a stand-alone touchpad and a magic mouse. Each device comes with the same colour options as the iMac itself.

No more trying to push your power connection cable into the socket – go magnetic power! The new iMac power cables are engineered with a magnetic connection so that it just attaches effortlessly.

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