Upgrading to an SSD & boosting RAM

We are Melbourne’s SSD upgrade specialists! Do you want more performance and longer battery life out of your computer? Upgrade your desktop computer, laptop or Apple Mac today with an SSD and extra RAM. We will ensure that all your data is fully migrated to the new Solid State Drive. You will immediately notice a performance increase from the moment you push the power button!

Supercharge your computer today (SSD upgrade & RAM boost) in Melbourne

Solid State Drives (SSDs) are more affordable then ever and we can do the full upgrade in as little as 2hours. We can also install extra RAM for you as part of the upgrade. We are available 7-days a week to pick-up, upgrade and return your laptop or desktop computer. In most cases we can complete the upgrade the very same day so you wont be without your computer for long.

Here’s the proof of our work!

Watch this video and see how quickly the right computer boots up compared to the left computer. Infact after the SSD upgrade we did in Melbourne the IBM Lenovo Thinkpad was twice as fast! The IBM laptop on the right booted up 2 times in the time it took the regular HDD boot up once.


Key benefits of upgrading to SSD in Melbourne

  • Faster boot-up times
  • Programs open-up and perform faster
  • Longer battery life due to lower power consumption
  • SSDs are up to 10 x faster then HDDs
  • Reduced likelihood of data loss
  • Increased overall performance


Every device is upgradeable to SSD

  • Apple MacBook Pro SSD upgrade Melbourne
  • Toshiba laptop SSD upgrade Brighton
  • Acer laptop HDD replacement service Cheltenham
  • Windows desktop computer repair and upgrade Hampton
  • HP ProBook laptop HDD upgrade to SSD Mentone
  • Dell Inspiron upgrade service South Yarra
  • Asus, Samsung, Sony, MSI and many other brands can also be upgraded in St Kilda


Don’t forget to add more RAM

Adding extra RAM into your computer will mean your computer can process more data at the same time. This will once again increase performance and mean you can have more things open at the same time!

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