Windows 10 network log-on credentials requesting email and password fixed

If you are running the latest version of Windows 10 and can’t switch to signing in with a local account and are forced to use the AzureAD account you will need to do the following to log on to a network device or shared folder.

In Windows Explorer, you may find that when you try to login to a network device i.e \\networkdevice or \\ Windows asks you to enter an email address and a password as the credentials but you just want to use a username and password and it just won’t work here is how to fix it.

In the Email Address field just enter the username but remember to add the .\ in front of the username so for example if your username is AdamZoo type in .\AdamZoo and then your password.

So the key is the .\ in front of the username!

And you don’t need to have a local account anymore either you can keep using the Microsoft Account.

Happy networking!

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