MacBook Repairs & Maintenance

How do I Maintain My MacBook

Regular maintenance is critical to maintaining the long-term health of your MacBook. Doing things such as keeping your system clear of junk files, tidying up your desktop, and ensuring your software is up-to-date are some of the few steps you can take to maintain your MacBook and avoid unnecessary MacBook repair service visits.
Macbooks are like any other device – they will not last forever if you don’t keep them in good condition. But when there is a choice between having to buy one every few years and using the same model without any problems, it is quite clear that the latter option is the best.

  • Get a cooling pad for your Macbook – A cooling pad is an excellent accessory. When you are stuck using the MacBook in a high-temperature room, there is nothing better than a cooling pad that reduces the workload of internal fans. Also, a cooling pad is a perfect resting place for the MacBook.
  • Preserve the Macbook battery life – Preserving the battery will prolong the overall lifetime of a MacBook. You can also turn on the battery percentage to get a better idea of how it is performing. Doing things like updating software can provide performance and stability benefits as well.
  • Use software tweaks to improve performance – A lot of poor battery performance – on Mac, iOS is down to a battery that is being asked to do too much and by a user who is not looking after it properly. You can tweak settings in the energy saver. It can be accessed via System Preferences. You can stop programs running in the background which are not necessary.
  • Dim your screen – Shut down background apps and Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth when you are not using it.

How do I keep my MacBook Drive Free?

Those who have it in them to keep a MacBook in good shape will be able to enjoy it for a longer time. Computers are like any other device – they will not last forever. But when there is a choice between having to buy one every few years and using the same model without any problems, it is quite clear that the second option is the best.

If you are having problems with MacBook’s performance, it would be a good time to change things.

  • Make more space on the MacBook Drive – As we talked about above, lack of disk space is one of the most common issues, especially when users switch to macOS from Windows. MacBooks do not offer as much disk space, so when people love to hoard stuff, it does not take too long before they run out of drive space completely.
  • Delete your games – You need to pay closer attention to the amount of space available. Games, applications, and other storage like temporary backups, caches, extensions, and plugins can be deleted most of the time.
  • Delete old applications –  If you have applications that have not been used for a long time, remove them, and clear the cache files. If you ever need it, there is always an option to download and install it again.
  • Go cloud – Also, consider transferring some of your data to Dropbox or iCloud. Cloud-based services are free and come with gigabytes of free storage. Not to mention that files are safe.

How do I Extend the Battery Life of My Macbook?

Macs that are over seven years old, are considered “obsolete.” Apple or its service providers tend to not service obsolete Macs. From a repair point of view, Macs last seven years from the moment they are no longer on sale. Macs are typically on sale for around a year, though some models have been sold for much longer.

Seven Years is a lot of time than it sounds. If you buy a Mac in 2021, It will last until 2028. Which is a lot longer than a Windows laptop.

  • Saver setting to their default values – Make sure that the Battery settings are exposed and click on Restore Defaults. This should turn the Mac off after 10 minutes of no use, the display off after two minutes, allow the hard disk to sleep when possible, and slightly dim the display when on battery power. Don’t active power nap, as that will consume power even when you think your Mac is sleeping.
  • Turn off the screen saver – After setting the Energy Saver back to the default settings, the screen will be turning itself off after just two minutes. And since no screen saver on the Mac consumes little to no energy, just turn the screen saver off entirely. To do that, you need to set the Start After property to “never.” This is located on the Screen Saver tab within the System Preferences for Desktop and Screensaver.
  • Avoid extreme ambient temperatures – Your device is designed to perform well in a wide range of ambient temperatures, with 16° to 22° C (62° to 72° F) as the ideal comfort zone. It’s especially important to avoid exposing your device to ambient temperatures higher than 35° C (95° F), which can permanently damage battery capacity.

Looking For an IT Support Provider to Manage Your Mac Devices?

If you’ve tried to do all the MacBook and iMac maintenance yourself and are finding it hard we can help. Our managed IT support technicians for Mac are conveniently located in Melbourne’s Bayside suburbs of Cheltenham and Brighton. We can help you with setting up new Apple devices, maintaining old MacBook and iMac repairs, SSD upgrades and more.

Should I repair my Macbook or buy a new one?

Most people might assume that buying a new Macbook would be cheaper than repairing their broken screen or water-damaged MacBook however, oftentimes this is not the case. It can be more cost-effective to contact a repair specialist to diagnose the issues with their Macbook before attempting to buy a new one.

If you are having problems with your Macbook or if you notice it’s running slowly, contact Intuitive Strategy for the best Macbook repair services in Melbourne.

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