How to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10

Windows 10 is free until 29 July 2016 according to Microsoft. If you have an eligible Windows 7 or 8.1 license you can upgrade for free! Here are some trouble shooting tips on how to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

Firstly you will need to download, install, update and activate your Windows 10 license. Visit the following Microsoft Windows 10 upgrade website. To get the download complete as quick as possible we recommend using an Ethernet cable. Connect your network cable to your wireless modem or router to get the fastest download without interruptions.

Once you have downloaded the tiny installer it will auto download Windows 10 from the Microsoft servers. Please allow around 1hour for this to download on ADSL/ADSL2+ or less on Cable internet. Of course if you are already on the NBN this should only take a matter of minutes to download and get installing.

Once the installer has downloaded it will then check your computer for eligibility and download updates. If your Windows 10 installer gets stuck on checking for updates or Getting updates try the following:

  1. open cmd (elevated with administrator privileges)
  2. type “net stop wuauserv”  (stops windows update service)
  3. Wait for a couple minutes
  4. type “net start “wuauserv”  (re-starts windows update service).

It will now download the rest of the updates and check for migration requirements.

Once this is complete it will begin installing Windows 10 on your computer. The installation process will go through the following stages: ‘Copying Files’, ‘Installing features and drivers’ and ‘Configuring Settings’. During this process your computer will reboot a number of times. This process takes around the 30 minute mark to complete and is relatively painless.

You may need to update some of your hardware drives after the installation has finished and update your software.

If you would like to have your Windows computer repaired or upgraded book online or call 1300-694-877.



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