Moving or Migrating iWork’09 (inc. Pages, Keynote and Numbers) From Old HDD to SSD

Need help moving your iWork’09 applications from a failed HDD on your Apple MacBook or iMac? Here is a 2minute solution for migrating your iWork’09 software manually if the migration assistant fails.

Firstly we make sure we copy the application data files are transfer from the old HDD’s Applications folder:

  1. Copy the entire iWork’09 folder: “Mac HDD > Applications > iWork ’09” and paste into your new SSD’s Applications folder i.e. “Mac SSD > Applications > iWork ’09”
  2. Take all the preference plist files for iWork09 including:
    1. “Mac HDD > Library >Preferences >”
    2. “Mac HDD > Library >Preferences >”
    3. copy these files into the same location your SSD i.e. “Mac SSD > Library > Preferences”
  3. Now we grab the support data: “Mac HDD > Library > Application Support > iWork ’09” and paste into your new SSD i.e. “Mac SSD > Library > Application Support > iWork ’09”

At this point, you are ready to start using your iWork ’09 software including Pages, Keynote, and Numbers!

If you had some additional user preferences from the default take the following data over to its respective location:

  1. Mac HDD >  Users > <userAccount> > Library > Preferences >
  2. Mac HDD >  Users > <userAccount> > Library > Preferences >
  3. Mac HDD >  Users > <userAccount> > Library > Preferences >

Now you are done moving your entire Apple iWork’09 software from the old HDD to your new SSD.

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