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Virus & Malware Removal

We are virus & malware removal wizards, we can remove any virus or malware from your computer, laptop, iMac or MacBook fast! Our virus removal technicians are available today in Brighton,  Cheltenham, Highett, Parkdale and Mentone. We know how annoying trojans, spyware and malware can be! We’ve been helping customers remove computer infections for years and are always happy to help.

We can usually remove viruses on the spot during our visit, however in some cases we do need to take your compute away to do a full system restore, this usually occurs if your computer has a critical Windows system corruption that can not be removed without a system rebuild.

We will always backup all your data and clean your computer from viruses before returning it to you, we can even install the latest security software to keep you secure and protected while online.

If your matter is urgent and you need help straight away call us on 1300-694-877 and we will see you straight away!

Looking for MAC OS X virus & malware removal?

Let us clean up your Apple MacBook laptop and stop annoying pop-ups, malware and viruses. Here are some common viruses that we can remove and computer services that we offer:

  • MacKeeper virus & malware removal
  • Safari Browser pop-ups removed
  • Google Chrome advertising ads removed
  • Mac Defender virus removal
  • Disable notifications
  • Install browser protection
  • Deploy VPN apps for added security

If removing your threats isn’t going to be enough we will gladly assist you with computer repairs the same day on-site at your business or home, at a time that suits you.

Virus & Malware Removal services we offer

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Virus & Malware Removal in your local area

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