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Syncing Gmail with Outlook [Fixed]

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Fixing sync issues with Gmail and Outlook

Send/Recieve sync never finishes in Outlook 365

If you’re receiving send/receive errors in Outlook when you try to send an email from your Gmail account you need to define the Send/Receive Groups.

  1. Select Send/Receive from the top menu
    Syncing Gmail with Outlook 365
  2. Dropdown Send/Receive Groups and select Define Send/Receive Groups
    Syncing Gmail with Outlook 365 Define
  3. Click on Edit
    Syncing Gmail with Outlook SendReceive Groups
  4. Uncheck ‘Get folder unread count for subscribed folders’
  5. Select ‘Use the custom behaviour defined below’ for Recieve mail items (make sure only the Inbox is ticked)
    Fix Syncing Gmail with Outlook Send/Receive Groups

You will now be able to send emails from Outlook when using your Gmail IMAP connection. The send/receive task will finish in a reasonable time instead of taking forever and generating errors in Outlook.

We hope you enjoyed this IT support solution for Microsoft Outlook and Gmail.

Sync Gmail Email & Calendar and Outlook using Google Workspace

You’ve no doubt been struggling with syncing Gmail and Outlook for many years using IMAP. The best solution at present is to use the Google workspace sync for Microsoft Outlook tool.

This is like the old-school Active Sync from Microsoft in the early 2000s and works remarkably well with minimal errors!

The benefit of using this tool over a direct IMAP connection is that you can not only sync your emails but also your calendars with 1 app.

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