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Intuitive Strategy is Melbourne’s leader in remote IT support for businesses seeking professional technical support for Windows & Mac computers.

Our IT support team has been assisting business and home users with their technology for over 20 years.

Our computer support team use secure remote access software to control end-user computers, delivering solutions for all their devices.

Regardless of your problem, we have a fix for you and your employees via the cloud at the office and at home.

Remote Technical Support For All Your Devices

Windows & macOS Computer Systems
Peripheral Including Printers & Scanners
Remote Support For Computer Networks
iPhone and Android Smartphones & Tablets

How Does Remote IT Support Work?

Remote IT support works when a technician creates a remote control session and invites a customer via email, phone or SMS, the customer downloads and joins the remote session, and the tech service begins.

You can even request a remote IT support service from us for your smart device; iPad, iPhone, Tablet or Android Phone. Once we connect to your device over the network, we can start providing guided or direct access remote support solutions to you, your employees, office, business, desktop or laptop computer.

We use innovative technology from Zoho called Zoho Assist to access our customers desktop and laptop computers. This application is available on both macOS and Windows platforms and getting access to it is quick and easy.

Our technicians will guide you through the steps over the phone to establish a secure connection with you and provide you with the best support in Australia.

Book a remote IT support session in Melbourne

Professional tech support for your workplace in Melbourne

Using internet tools to connect to your computer remotely enables us to deliver a cost-effective solution that saves you time and money. Getting remote assistance securely promotes productivity in the workplace for you, your employees and your company.

An immediate response to your desktop services request ensures that your company can get back to work during times of crisis. Fast problem resolution ensures you continue to operate without limitations to your desktop, laptop, and network computers.

Call us for tech support service and get the right solution when your network or device goes offline. We have a process to fix all computer systems regardless of the problem. We are Melbourne’s go-to computer services provider when it comes to a reliable cloud support solution you can trust.

What can we troubleshoot remotely?

Remote troubleshooting solutions can include the following fixes:

  • Network performance assessments
  • Help with malware and virus removal
  • MYOB software support
  • Printer software support services
  • General computer services & solutions
  • Remote desktop computer services
  • Remote laptop computer services
Remote Support For Computer Networks

These are just some of the problems we regularly fix when dealing with residential and business clients in Melbourne, Australia. Contact our friendly, professional tech team for desktop software service online via phone or book online to get your computer fixed fast.

Is remote IT support available for Windows & Mac?

Yes, we provide remote IT support for both Windows & Apple Mac computers. Regardless of whether you are running Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 or 11, we can assist you wherever you may be. The same goes for OS X and macOS technical support.

Our technicians can access your computer remotely to provide support services and IT solutions for your business or home. Fast, friendly technical support services for MacBook’s, iMac’s, Windows laptops and desktop PCs Australia wide.

Remote IT Support for Windows

Most Windows users call us for remote IT support when their desktop computer or laptop running the Windows 10 platform fails to update. We also get remote support calls for network printing issues, software bugs, boot failures, network scanning errors, internet outages and cloud backup service interruptions. We have a remote support solution for all Windows software errors, bugs and failures.

Microsoft Windows software repair & IT support
Apple macOS repair

Remote IT Support for Mac

Apple users still on OS X call our technicians for support services when they find their software is outdated and needs an upgrade. New macOS users find that they need their data migrated, which can be done online, on their desktop iMacs or MacBook computers.

Some Apple users need Airprint support for their new devices. Companies throughout Australia call us for Mac remote IT support to configure their employees’ computers when working from home.

When to ask for help via remote IT support?

It’s not always easy to fix a computer problem yourself, so you should always seek help from an expert via remote assistance wherever you can. If you are a home user, don’t be afraid to ask for remote IT support regardless of your problem related to your desktop computer.

We don’t just offer specialist remote support services to our business clients; we provide support to everyone in Australia. Many customers who have issues with their computer ask us for remote support to save time and cost trying to fix the problem themselves.

Our business customers rely on us for remote support services when their business systems break down and need same-day service for their software. As long as your internet is still online, all you need to do is call our tech support team on 1300-694-877 to get your technology fixed fast anywhere in Australia.

Remote IT Support in Melbourne

Our Melbourne team of remote IT support agents provided dedicated and on-demand remote assistance Australia wide. We can easily resolve, troubleshoot and repair computer problems offsite. We are available to assist residents of Melbourne and businesses with their Apple & Windows computer issues Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm. Although our technicians reside in Melbourne, we deliver professional remote IT support all over Australia.

If our remote technical team can’t resolve your problem and needs an on-site visit, you can count on our Melbourne computer repairs team to get the job done. Some problems that require onsite support include computer hardware repairs, data recovery and internet outage support.

Supporting your business remotely

Many businesses have had to start working remotely due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak. We have supported these organisations by setting up dedicated VPN and remote access services to aid their staff working from home. Working remotely has become the new norm, and with it, offices, big and small, have upgraded their technology, enabling their workforce to be more productive when working out of the office.

We have deployed dozens of VPN network configurations for our small and large business clientele. Enabling all of their employees to be productive outside their workplace. Whether their employee is working at home, the cafe, a holiday house or from their car, they can always access their data.

Our support team is Australia’s leader in desktop services for Windows. Let us can connect to your employees via a secure connection to fix their desktop computers. All our business customer understands that technology uptime is critical and ensuring productivity is paramount.

This is why we aim to resolve issues as quickly as possible and minimize costs to your company by being the fastest provider of systems service in Melbourne, Australia.

What is remote computer support?

Remote computer support can be described as a service when an IT team member accesses your computer and provides a software support solution to your problem.

This computer service has a fast response time, benefits from quick connections between computers, and ensures a quick fix for your technology.

Our team of remote IT support experts work fast to resolve your issues, increase productivity in your workplace by repairing your computer quickly.

Our Melbourne-based team is ready to take your call when you need help with any device, big or small.

Asking for professionals to help fix your computer is often the best way to get your desktop or laptop fixed quickly and efficiently.

What is Remote IT Support

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