Stop Automatic upgrade to Windows 10

Sick of the annoying automatic Windows 10 upgrade pop-up? Is your computer continuously downloading over 4GB of data to try and install Windows 10? We’ve found a tool called Never10 by Gibson Research Corporate to stop this annoying nuisance.

This handy tool only takes moments to get running and easily controls automatic update from Windows 7 & 8.1 to 10. Remember this tool does not prevent other Windows updates from installing including GWX KB3035583.  Never10 simply uses Microsoft’s documentation and sanctioned configuration set-up to instruct it to NOT change the installed version of your current Windows version.

Removing automatic Windows 10 upgrade

To stop the Windows 10 upgrade we will be need to get the Never10 tool. Once this is done we can go ahead and start cleaning up the files and disabling Win 10 upgrade.

  1. Download the software first
  2. Save it on your desktop
  3. Open never10.exe

Once you’ve got this tiny 83k file on your computer you are ready to start cleaning up the mess!

  1. You will see an exact count of the number of files and about of space the update is taking up
    1. Click on Remove Win10 Files to delete all the upgrade files
  2. To disable all future Windows 10 upgrades click on Disable Win10 Upgrade
    1. You will now see a message in green stating Windows 10 OS Upgrade is DISABLED on this system
  3. You can now Exit the program and if you like delete it

Your Windows 7 and 8.1 operating systems will no longer download the update again or try to self install.

Manually disabling Windows 10 auto upgrade

Sometimes you want to be 100% sure everything is controlled. Here is a step by step guide for disabling the automatic upgrade to Windows 10. We will use the Windows Update utility to manage and remove the updates associated with Windows 10 upgrade.

  1. Click on Start and go to Control Panel
  2. Navigate to System and Security and Windows Update
  3. From the left menu select View update history
  4. Click on Installed Updates at the end of the first sentence
  5. Locate Update for Microsoft Windows (KB3035583) or search for it in the top right of the window by entering KB3035583
  6. Select the update and select Uninstall
    1. You will be prompted to confirm uninstalling this update select Yes
  7. You may need to reboot your computer to finish the removal process
  8. You can also go back to Windows updates, right click on the update and Hide it so it doesn’t appear again


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