Network Trouble Shooting and Windows 10 repairs

Having constant wireless or network drop-outs in Windows 10? Maybe your internet is very slow and you can’t stream data? Perhaps you had a virus or some Malware which has caused your network to become corrupt? Here is an easy to follow network trouble shooting guide. We will also discuss keeping your drivers up to date to avoid future problems.

Using Netsh in Windows 10 to fix Networking issues

There is a very handy command line app in Windows 10 called Netsh. We will use this application to repair our network by resetting the settings.

First we need to get into the Command Prompt with Administrator privileges.

  1. Click on the Windows 10 Start button
  2. Search for Command Prompt
  3. Right Click on it and choose ‘Run as administrator

Now let’s start running those network trouble shooting commands! Remember if you are copy and pasting the commands from below press ‘enter’ after each command.

Running Netsh commands to repair your network

First we will reset the advanced firewall settings using the following command:

netsh advfirewall reset

This command resets your Windows 10 firewall with the default profile in Advanced Security policy. All custom security settings and group policies will be deleted and restored to default.

Next we will reset all our network adapters to obtaining IP settings automatically for IPv4.

netsh int ip reset

And we will do the same reset on all network adapters to obtaining IP settings automatically for IPv6.

netsh int ipv6 reset

You will need to reboot for the IP settings to take effect.

Lastly we will reset all Winsock Catalogue settings to their original state. If you had any earlier installations for Winsocks Layered Service Providers you will have to re-install these.

netsh winsock reset

That’s it your done, just remember to reboot your computer! If you want to reboot the PC from the command line use the following command

shutdown -r /t 1

Remember to save all your work before running the shut-down command.


This article is for educational purposes only, use at your own risk. Please contact us for expert computer repairs.

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