Apple Mac OS X username.sparsebundle mounting and adjusting permissions or FileVault data recovery

If you had FileVault enabled on your Time Capsule, Time Machine, or Start-up Disk you will probably see a username.sparsebundle data file in your user account.

This data file is locked with your administrator password and can not be opened easily. You will need to mount this file and adjust its permissions.

FileVault data recovery steps for sparsebundle

  1. First you need to make a backup copy of your sparsebundle file just incase you make any errors.
  2. Give the file full permissions via Get Info > Permissions and add yourself
  3. Then run the folling command in terminal: sudo chown -R `id -un`:`id -gn` /Users/ Users/username.sparsebundle
    1. Make sure you rename the username to your old username (same as the filename)
  4. Now you can double click the username.sparsebundle to mount
  5. The data is now mounted and can be found on your desktop as a disk
  6. Open this mounted image to view your data an copy it as required


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