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MacBook Repairs & iMac Repairs Cheltenham

Apple Mac repairs Cheltenham, on-site same-day service, that comes to you!

Expert Apple technical support and repairs service for iMac, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air.

We come to your home or office to fix all Apple related problems fast.

We have access to Apple tools and software needed to repair your broken Apple laptop.

Cheltenham’s local Apple experts are here to help – simply call 1300-694-877 or Book Online

Local Apple Mac repairs Cheltenham

  • MacBook Pro Repairs Cheltenham (mainstream 13.3″)
  • MacBook Pro with retinal display repaired in Cheltenham (high-end Ultraportable/Professional 13.3″ and 15.4″)
  • MacBook Air Repair Cheltenham (ultra portable 11.6″ and 13.3″)
  • Apple Mac Mini hard drive upgrades and OS X technical support
  • Apple iMac G3, G4, G5 and iMac Intel repair service in Cheltenham
  • iMac LCD Glass replacement service Cheltenham
  • Cracked and Broken MacBook screen repaired Cheltenham

Apple MacBook Water Damage Repairs Cheltenham

Liquid damage is never a good thing for computers in Cheltenham. Spilling water, beer, wine or other liquids may cause some of your components to fail.

Corrosion will result due to water damage and in many cases it may destroy some chips resulting in your hard drive or SSD failing.

Book in a water damage repair assessment today in Cheltenham by calling 1300-694-877 or Book Online

Apple iMac & MacBook upgrades in Cheltenham

We can upgrade your iMac and MacBook with a new Solid State Drive (SSD) and migrate all your old data. Did you know that SSDs are up to x10 times faster then HDDs?

Get more performance with an Apple Mac RAM upgrade. Your iMac or MacBook probably only has 4GB of RAM, we suggest at least 8GB of RAM.

  • MacBook Pro 240GB 500GB 1TB SSD upgrade
  • MacBook Air Jetdrive SSD upgrades Cheltenham
  • Apple iMac Samsung Evo SSD upgrade
  • Mac RAM upgrades to 8GB, 12GB & 16GB

Cheltenham’s local Apple Mac upgrade experts – call today 1300-694-877

Apple iMac & MacBook virus, malware repair

Removing Cheltenham Apple laptop and iMac desktop computers, removing all viruses and ads on all browsers.

  • Google Chrome Virus repair in Cheltenham
  • MacKeeper viruses removed Cheltenham
  • Mac Defender malware removal Cheltenham
  • Safari browser advertisements removed in Cheltenham
  • Mozilla Firefox ads and Trojans removed Cheltenham


Mac Antivirus and Security

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Latest MacBook Repairs & iMac Repairs jobs in Cheltenham

  1. 29/07/2020 Bigpond email password reset and setup on iPad and Apple macOS, Office 365 migration planning in Cheltenham
  2. 12/06/2020 Apple iMac 27inch Mid 2013 upgrade to 32GB RAM in Cheltenham
  3. 21/05/2020 Apple iMac upgrade to 1TB SSD, onsite support for MacBook Pro in Cheltenham
  4. 13/05/2020 Apple MacBook Pro 13 inch Mid 2011 SSD upgrade to 500gb Samsung EVO 860 in Cheltenham
  5. 12/05/2020 Apple iPad upgrade to iOS 12 in Cheltenham

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