Local MacBook Repairs & iMac Repairs in Malvern
Specialist Apple MacBook repairs and iMac troubleshooting Malvern.

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MacBook Repairs & iMac Repairs Malvern

Apple Mac repairs Malvern, fast friendly and affordable. Our Mac repairs technicians are available to help you 7 days a week 8am – 8pm, when you need help most!

We’ve been repairing and upgrading Apple MacBook laptops & iMac desktops for years!

Get in touch today on 1300-694-877 and speak to our friendly Apple experts who have the expertise required to resolve your problems fast!

We are ready to come out to your home or office in Malvern today at any time. Our engineers have been helping customers around High St for many years and are ready to see you in Malvern today!

Call the local Apple iMac & laptop experts in Malvern 7 days a week – ring now 1300-694-877

Repairing Apple MacBook’s & iMac’s in Malvern

Get same-day iMac and MacBook repairs service!

Our same day onsite pickup and return service is available now, simply call 1300-694-877.

  • Apple iMac desktop computers fixed G3, G4, G5 and iMac Intel repairs service in Malvern
  • Slow performing MacBook’s and iMac’s due to overheating repaired in Malvern
  • MacBook Air Repair in Malvern (ultra-portable 11.6″ and 13.3″)
  • Apple Mac Mini hard drive upgrades and data recovery plus OS X technical support
  • Mac OS X stuck on the loading screen fixed by replacing Mac hard drive in Malvern
  • MacBook Pro Repairs in Malvern (mainstream 13.3″)
  • Malvern MacBook Pro with retinal display repaired (high-end Ultra-portable/Professional 13.3″ and 15.4″)
  • Cracked or Broken MacBook screen repaired Malvern
  • iMac Glass replacement service Malvern

Apple Mac Water Damage Repairs Malvern

It’s very important to act fast when your MacBook has sustained water or liquid damage.

Water damage due to alcohol, been, wine or water spills will corrode your computers parts. If water damage is left without immediate cleaning it will require component replacement.

Book in a water damage repair assessment today in Malvern by calling 1300-694-877 or Book Online

Apple iMac & MacBook upgrades in Malvern

Seeing the spinning Apple wheel too much on your iMac or MacBook? We know the feeling and can install a new Solid State Drive (SSD) in your computer or laptop.

As part of your upgrade we will install the latest OS X and transfer all your data from the old hard disk drive.

Want even more power out of your computer? Upgrade it further with an Apple Mac RAM kit. We recommend at least 8GB of RAM or 12GB if you have an iMac.

  • MacBook Pro 240GB 500GB 1TB SSD upgrade
  • MacBook Air Jetdrive SSD upgrades Malvern
  • Apple iMac Samsung Evo SSD upgrade
  • Mac RAM upgrades to 8GB, 12GB & 16GB Malvern

Malvern’s local Apple Mac upgrade experts – call today 1300-694-877

Malvern complete Apple repair services

Our engineers are here to maintain ad care for all your Apple products. We offer technical support & repair services throughout Malvern:

  • Apple iMac & MacBook Hard drive repairs & upgrades
  • Airport express extreme wireless networking
  • MacBook Pro Air screen repairs
  • Airport Time Capsule & Time Machine backup configuration and more!

Get it fixed today and stop searching for Apple service providers. Knowledge, skills and expertise to repair your broken Apple device, we have them all!

Call on local Malvern Apple repair service experts 7 days a week on 1300-694-877.

Apple MacBook Air & iMac Virus repairs

Tired of unwanted ads and annoying malware on your MacBook’s or iMac’s in Malvern? We have the tools and best practice techniques necessary to remove all malware and junk from your OS X.

  • Mozilla Firefox ads and Trojans extensions removed in Malvern
  • Removal of annoying video and audio ads
  • Google Chrome Virus removed Malvern
  • Safari browser advertisements cleaned in Malvern
  • Fixing browser hijacks and search redirects
  • Mac Defender malware removal
  • MacKeeper viruses removed


Mac Antivirus and Security

MacBook repairs Malvern

Need help getting your MacBook repaired in Malvern? We can trouble shoot any problem and repair your Mac!
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Apple iMac repairs Malvern

Stuck on the Apple loading screen and need your iMac repaired in Malvern? Let us help you.
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iPhone & iPad Support Malvern

Looking for assistance to sync all your Apple iPhone, iPad and smart watch devices with iCloud in Malvern?
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Same-day MacBook repairs

Book a specialist technical support or macOS repair in Malvern today for same-day service at home or work.

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Priority on-demand business macOS support in Malvern

Speak to one of our friendly Apple business support experts today or book online for immediate assistance.

Book a same day MacBook or iMac service in Malvern

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Recent MacBook Repairs & iMac Repairs services in Malvern

Helping locals around Malvern with their computer problems and Apple technical difficulties.

MacBook Repairs & iMac Repairs

July 24, 2023 Onsite Mac computer support in Malvern.

November 11, 2020 Setup of new Apple MacBook AIr and transfer of data, reformat of existing MacBook Air to factory settings in Malvern.

June 23, 2020 Apple iMac technical support in Malvern.

February 4, 2020 MacBook Air (13-inch, Early 2015) SSD upgrade and time machine restore, OS X update, Office update in Malvern.

March 17, 2019 Apple iMac mid-2011 time machine backup configuration on Seagate USB HDD in Malvern.

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