iCloud Information Store Cannot Be Opened – Outlook Windows 10

Getting an iCloud error Information Store Cannot Be Opened after running some Windows 10 or Outlook updates? The solution is easy and can be repaired in just a few minutes!

Whenever you have any software issue it helps to reboot your machine but if that doesn’t help we have a solution!

Remember to always backup your data before doing anything so you can always recover in the unfortunate event that something goes wrong.

What to do with iCloud errors and Outlook 2013/2016 syncing issues

Before we get started and start repairing anything it’s important to ensure you have the latest software updates. So remember to install all the latest Windows 10 software updates and option updates like driver updates. Also always ensure you have the latest iCloud app installed and remember to reboot after installing.

If you see the error “Cannot expand the folder. The set of folders cannot be opened. The information store could not be opened.”. Your calendars probably aren’t syncing properly any more and the software needs to be re-installed.

Disconnecting from iCloud and unlink it from Outlook 2013

First we need to clear the connection between iCloud and your PC, in turn removing it from Outlook.

  1. Exit out of Outlook 2013 – this step is very important
  2. Open the iCloud control panel (iCloud app) – you can find it running in the system tray next to the clock or in your start menu
  3. Push the Sign out button to completely log out of your account
  4. Then press Close to close the iCloud app

Completely uninstall the iCloud application

This guide is intended for Windows 10 users so we will show the Windows 10 uninstallation guide for iCloud app.

  1. Click on the Start button – bottom left of the screen
  2. Select Settings – cog wheel icon
  3. In the top right hand corner search type Uninstall
    1. You will see a list of search results
  4. Select Apps & Features
    1. This will bring up all your installed applications
  5. In the search field type iCloud to search for the installed app
    1. Select the app and press Uninstall

Getting the latest version of iCloud for Windows

Now we need to download the latest iCloud control panel app, sign-in, sync and reboot!

  1. Download the latest iCloud app
  2. Select For Windows PC
  3. Choose Download now > which goes to https://support.apple.com/
  4. Once downloaded Install the iCloud app
  5. Once installation completes you will need to reboot your PC

Configuring iCloud App to sync with Outlook

Now that you have successful installed the latest version of the Apple iCloud app we need to configure it.

  1. After you have rebooted the iCloud app will launch
  2. It should ask you to Sign-in to your iCloud account
  3. Once this is done it will ask you to Merge (by choice) your iCloud Outlook items
    1. This will merge your local calendar items, tasks and contacts as you choose
  4. Now open your Outlook 2013 software go to Calendars and select the iCloud Calendar you wish to view

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