TPG to cut email services for customers

If you haven't already heard one of Australia's favorite ISPs TPG is set to stop providing email services. It's important for you, as a business owner or a residential consumer, to understand what this means. How will this impact your ability to send email without the TPG network. What do you need to do if you chose to migrate your emails elsewhere. What businesses need to do to keep their devices sending emails once the transition is complete. We will go into details about all the above in this blog post.
TPG to cut email services for customers

TPG email addresses are set to move to The Messaging Company

TPG has been around since the 1980s and is one of the biggest and fastest growing NBN ISPs in Australia. Recently TPG has made the decision to cut email services to its existing and future customers. Although this is a significant change they are migrating email infrastructure services through a 3rd party provider The Messaging Company to keep their customers happy.

If you chose not to opt-in for the transfer your TPG email address it will be deleted from 30/11/2023 and will not be recoverable. Therefore it’s important that you either choose to transfer to The Messaging Company or you choose a different provider with a new email address.

How TPG email address migration impacts small business

A lot of businesses in Melbourne Australia use TPG as their ISP. As part of this service small business customers may be using their TPG email address for sending and receiving emails. When the services move to The Messaging Company these organisations will likely need to update their devices. Peripheral devices such as MFC printers with scan-to-email facilities will be the first to see the impact. If SMTP addresses are not updated companies will lose send-to-email functionality from their network scanners.

Our small business IT support experts in Melbourne are available for same-date service. We can reconfigure your printer and scanner settings to use the correct SMTP address. If you have oped out of moving to The Messaging Company the best option is to use your domains SMTP settings for sending emails. If your organisation is on Microsoft 365 our e-mail support team can help.

What home users should do about their TPG email address

If you’re a home user with a TPG NBN connection you should get ready to move your email address, messages and contacts. We always recommend our customers have a 3rd party email address with Gmail or Outlook or their own domain name. This way you are not tied down to an ISP’s email or if you chose to move ISPs. You can always get a free email address from Google or Hotmail (Outlook) to break free from your ISP.

If you’re a  home user and are concerned about your email security reach out to our computer repair experts in Melbourne. We can help you navigate this transition process and assist you with repairing broken email applications. Don’t leave your TPG email address unprotected and save your emails. 

Migrating away from TPG for email services to Microsoft 365

If you’re considering moving to another provider for email services, ensure you complete the following before 30/11/2023:

  • Backup your Emails on Windows or Mac
  • Export your Contacts
  • Make a copy of your Calendar

The last thing you want is to lose years of emails, contacts and calendar appointments that will not be recoverable.

If you wish to migrate to Microsoft 365 for free email services we can help. We can sync all your emails and contacts to Outlook/Hotmail. We can also setup your calendars so that they sync between all your devices. This way all your data is one central unified location and everything works in harmony together.

What to expect from TPG & The Messaging Company

If you’ve chosen to have your emails moved by TPG to The Messaging Company here is something you should know. The new email service provider will come at a cost after 15/09/2024. However, we don’t know what that cost will be. Around 60 days prior to the free service cut-off TMC will be sending out pricing options to all users who have opted in to move to their email infrastructure.

Once the transition has completed you will need to call The Messaging Company for email support. If you are not sure what to do or where to start you can always call us at 1300-694-877 for free over-the-phone advice. Our e-mail support technicians are here to help when your email goes down or your devices become out of sync.

It’s important to be fully informed so be sure to check both TPG’s privacy policy and TMC’s privacy note. If you have any concerns about how TPG handles your personal information you can email them at [email protected].

TPG change affects IINET, Internode, Ozemail & Netspace

The upcoming change to email services is also going to affect TPGs other businesses. This includes IINET, Internode, Ozemail & Netspace who are all part of the IINET group. You can read the IINET email messaging company post here. One thing that wont change however regardless of which TPG business your NBN is with is the Toolbox or account login. This will remain your current TPG email address. So you will need to remember your TPG username and password for future account management.

Support for TPG NBN services

Whether you are new to Melbourne or have been here for a while you have likely been a TPG customer. When it comes to the internet TPG are great, in fact, we use them ourselves. If you’re a business and you need professional NBN support in Melbourne reach out to our team of NBN technicians. Our experts know the ins and outs of NBN fibre, configurations, installations and Mesh WiFi network setup.

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