How to Identify Scam callers

How to identify scam callers from Telstra NBN and other sources on Android.
how to identify phone scam calls

Telstra 02 85245449 phone scam call examples on AndroidHow to identify scam callers 

Some callers can easily be identified on an Android phone. When a call comes it is marked as Suspected Spam using the Smart feature. It might even tell you if it’s a robocall, marketing, or something else.

We had a call from scammers pretending to be Telstra on 0282495449. They tried to talk to us about our IP address even though our business doesn’t use Telstra services. This was a dead giveaway that they were scammers so we hung up on them.

Identifying scam callers on an iPhone isn’t quite as easy, however. There is no direct notification for incoming scam calls. You can turn on silent mode which will block unknown callers but this could also block wanted calls. You can however find apps that block spam calls for you.

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