We've had a number of small business IT support clients reaching out to us for help after having locked themselves out of their Google or Microsoft 365 accounts. In this article we explain how not to get locked out of your Google or Microsoft 365 account.
Google Microsoft 365 Security Support

Preventing Microsoft 365 Lockout

A lot of small businesses and consumers are using Microsoft 365 on our desktop and laptop computers, smartphones and tablets, in the Cloud, storing our data on OneDrive and using Teams for collaboration.

As business owners, it’s just as important to administer and secure our Cloud tools to ensure we don’t lose access to them. 

When you first set up your Microsoft Online account for business, Microsoft doesn’t prompt you to create secondary or tertiary global administrators. This is a very important step and will prevent you from getting locked out of your Microsoft 365 account if you lose access to your MFA devices or apps such as your phone.

So head on over to the Microsoft 365 Admin Center and either configure the Global Administrator role for your business partner or get in touch with us to be your Microsoft 365 IT support partner.

Avoiding Getting Locked Out of Google

In recent times Google has started to disable Less Secure Apps which is great for added security and protection for users and organisations worldwide. However, if you don’t have your MFA/2-step-verification configured and you forget your password you will be in trouble.

Google is great at protecting users’ privacy, however when it comes to account recovery that is another matter. We’ve recently had no luck finding a contact point for Google when we needed to recover accounts that had missing passwords.

So in order for you to avoid getting locked out of your own Google account please ensure you have configured multi-factor authentication (SMS, Authenticator App) or another form of verification so you can easily reset your password and regain access to your account.

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