First Time User Tips for Navigating Your Mac

After years of listening to your friend telling you to get a Mac, you've finally decided to take the plunge, and you've bought one! You've taken it out of the box, you're ready to go, but immediately you feel like everything is different to what you're used to after using Windows all these years? Don't panic!

As the two major operating systems in the market, Windows and macOS have their differences, but they also share many similarities. If you’ve recently decided to switch from Windows to Mac, read on as we share a handful of tips to help you hit the ground running. And don’t forget you can always reach out to a local Mac specialist in your area should you need assistance with anything more advanced.

Embrace the Trackpad

One of the advantages of your new Mac over its Windows counterparts is a much more powerful trackpad. Besides being able to scroll and click, your Mac trackpad has a host of multi-touch gestures to get you moving around your apps in a flash. Want to zoom in on some images or text? Using a pinching motion with your thumb and finger, move them apart or move them closer together to zoom in and out. Place your thumb and three fingers on the trackpad and spread them apart to show your desktop, or bring them together to see all your apps on the launchpad. If you need to switch between apps quickly, swipe up with three fingers to see Mission Control, where you can easily click on any of your open app windows. Once you have the hang of your Mac’s trackpad, you will be surprised by how easily you can navigate your Mac, so make the most of it.

Find Anything with Spotlight

If you’re still getting used to navigating your way around your Mac, then Spotlight may save the day. Spotlight is a search function that will help you find just about anything on your Mac or even on the web. Press the command and space keys on your keyboard simultaneously to bring up the Spotlight Search bar and start typing the name of the app or document you need. You can even perform quick internet searches here as well. Try typing in “weather in Melbourne” or “computer support near me”.

Use Apps in Full Screen or Split Screen

It can often be helpful to utilise as much screen space as possible, especially when working on a laptop. If you want to use an app in full-screen mode, simply click on the green button in the upper left corner of the window. If you need to take the app back out of full-screen mode, move your cursor to the upper left corner of the screen to make the red, yellow and green buttons reappear. Want to run two apps side by side in full-screen mode? You can do that as well. Open both of the apps you’re going to use, then click and hold the green button in the upper left corner of one and select “Tile Windows to Left of Screen” or “Tile Window to Right of Screen”. Your Mac will then show all of your other open apps on the opposite half of the screen for you to click on the second app you want side by side.

Talk to a Mac Specialist

By now, you’re well on your way to making the most of your new Mac. If you need assistance with the more advanced aspects of your Mac or are experiencing issues, be sure to look for a Mac specialist in your area. As Macs are designed differently from Windows computers, not every computer repairer may be able to help. Finding a reputable Mac specialist will ensure that you are getting sound advice from a technician who is well-versed with the macOS operating system and who knows which Mac-specific warning signs to look out for to keep your Mac in tip-top shape.

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